Spokane Public Market

About the Market

The Spokane Public Market is designed to be part of a central community gathering and meeting place close to the downtown Spokane business core. It is a place where the community can interact with regional food and farm producers, artisans and other unique small businesses which produce products that celebrate the creativity and vitality of the Northwest.

Board Members

  • Torie Foote
    , President
  • Eric Johnson
    , Vice President
  • Chris Kelly
    , Director
  • Alex Plummer
    , Secretary
  • Cheryl Bzdawka
    , Treasurer
  • Kelly Osterburger
    , Director
  • Kelly Oesterberger
    , Member

Our Mission

The Mission of the Spokane Public Market shall be to establish a regional year-round public market as an educational and cultural center near downtown Spokane where farmers, artisans, and value-added food producers can sell directly to the public. To function as a small business incubator for our vendors. To provide an economic and aesthetic stimulus to our surrounding neighborhoods and promote sensitivity to our environment.